This is nonprofit documentary project related to life in Colorado and current citizen’s issues and concerns.We are interested in interviewing individuals having a wide range of backgrounds: homeless, police officers, social workers, business owners, teenagers, veterans, paramedics, immigrants…that would like to participate in a short monologue type of interview (3-5 minute duration) about their current lifestyle: housing, employment, topics around the pandemic, politics, health, education, substance abuse, justice and other social issues.

If you are a director, video professional, experienced in documentary-making, or even a creative person, and would like to join this voluntary project, please feel free to respond as well! And again its not paid job – made for people from people.


Our focus is get people voices of Colorado out, we are filming ordinary citizens, with real life stories and concerns. We are not chasing celebrities or billionaires.

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The purpose I am here to educate my American people…


Homelessness in Colorado is growing, and one of the reasons lack of low income housing


There is no housing and it’s ridiculous…


More funding for mental health to decrease numbers of homeless veterans…


Don’t hurt people and don’t take their stuff and if you live by that…


People would rather sleep on a street then pay to have a house anymore …


I was toothless, jobless, useless, eating from those trashcans …


Whatever you see in your life whatever you see in a world its reflection of yourself…


Kindness is the thing that people need to focus on…rather than being divisive with your neighbor


I am sexual cyborg, its a joke, I am actually comedian


So strange doing monologue interview…


Elections, Freedom, God…


Being an inspiration is to be inspired…

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Video Interview:

Introduction: your name, occupation, background, how long you live in Colorado

Story: Colorado – what is good and bad happened, challenges you dealing with right now, your concerns and worries

Final statement: pickup any topic: health, education, justice, government, lifestyle, etc ; outline what is wrong and how it can be fixed.

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